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Posted on July 31st, 2018 by Rachel Jackson

Tom’s Trust are currently raising funds to help create a complete rehabilitation service dedicated to children with brain tumours and their families. Tom’s trust will supply the clinical psychologist within this team. This service will be based at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge and will support all children who are diagnosed with brain tumours in the East Anglia region.

“Tom’s Trust would like to thank you and the team at TheGivingMachine for your recent donation of £133.62. Through your amazing initiative you have helped us continue to provide Clinical Psychology to children diagnosed with a brain tumour in the East of England and support those families who sadly lose a child to this terrible disease.

“Your donation has provided four Clinical Psychology sessions for a child with a brain tumour, these are vital to support the child and allow them to express their hopes, fears, dreams and anxieties from the point of diagnosis, throughout diagnosis and beyond. Tom’s Trust is the only Charity in the UK that provides this form of support, and our work won’t stop until every child in the UK diagnosed with a brain tumour receives our support.

“Once again, thank you for your donation and support.”

Emily Tickridge
Community Fundraiser

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