Giving Vouchers for corporate or personal giving

Make a difference and give a GivingVoucher.

Recipients can donate to any cause on TheGivingMachine website at no cost to them.

Giving Voucher

Corporate Giving Vouchers

Make a difference in a way that connects with your staff, customers or suppliers. With a GivingVoucher they can donate to a good cause at no cost to them.

Personal Giving Vouchers

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. The recipient donates the voucher value to any cause on our website.

How it works

Request GivingVouchers for an amount you choose and let the recipient decide where to donate. They can pick from one of thousands of great causes on our website and feel great thanks to you.

This is how it works:

1) You tell us your name, how many GivingVouchers you want to buy and how much you’d like them to be worth.

2) You make a donation* to TheGivingMachine.

3) We will then send you your GivingVoucher codes and email messages for you to forward to the lucky recipients.

* You will be asked to make a donation to TheGivingMachine with 80% of your donation being returned to you as the GivingVouchers you have requested.