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Each year, animal charities carry out crucial work in helping to work towards improving animal welfare through raising awareness of animal cruelty and directly providing care to animals in need. Acting as a voice for the voiceless, animal charities help protect animals of all types, from neglected dogs to endangered wildlife.

However, without your generosity many of these animal charities would not be able to carry out their amazing work. At TheGivingMachine, we want to help you contribute to the global effort to stamp out the mistreatment of animals once and for all through donating to the charities that mean the most to you.

Dogs Trust

Since its beginning in 1891, Dogs Trust has grown to be the largest dog welfare charity in the United Kingdom. Through 2016 it is estimated that Dogs Trust helped care for over 15,000 dogs across its 21 centres nationwide. At any one time there are around 1500 dogs in the care of Dogs Trust, and as you can imagine having 1500 mouths to feed doesn’t come cheap! That’s why Dogs Trust relies on donations from people like you, so that the dogs in their care can stay happy and healthy, before they go on to find their new home, with a caring, loving family.


In addition to taking in dogs and rehoming them, Dogs Trust also provides invaluable information to dog owners around the country, from important information on dog health to advice on how to keep your beloved pet comfortable all year round, whatever the weather!



RSPCA is one of the best known UK animal charities around, perhaps because it is the world’s oldest animal welfare charity. Each day, the organisation answers 3,000 calls regarding animal welfare, cruelty and neglect, taking in over 240 animals and working tirelessly to give them a better quality of life. In addition to their work taking in animals, restoring them to health and finding foster and ‘forever’ homes, RSPCA also runs a number of important campaigns each year.


Having been central to the instatement of key animal welfare laws like the 2004 Hunting Act and 2010 Animal Welfare Regulations, RSPCA continues with this effort through other campaigns. Just some of these include raising awareness of the unsuitability of having primates as pets, slaughter without pre-stunning and helping ensure that animal welfare is not forgotten in Brexit negotiations. Needless to say, the animal charity’s work is integral to ensuring a brighter future for animals.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation

The UK branch of PETA is an animal charity that focuses on promoting the importance of respecting the rights of other sentient creatures. PETA aims to establish and protect the rights of all animals, with the animal charity working to accomplish this through utilising public education, research, legislation, celebrity endorsements, protest campaigns and special events like art installations.


PETA’s approach is strictly non-violent, with their main focus being on educating the public through peaceful means on the troubles that animals suffer each and every day.  In 2017, PETA’s scientists successfully helped to reduce the use of animals in chemical testing by campaigning to have international testing guidelines changed.


Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Wood Green, The Animals Charity wants to see a world in which every pet enjoys unlimited amounts of love and affection from the moment they’re born. And Wood Green are sure that’s how you feel too. Sadly, too many animals never experience the safety and comfort of a loving home.

At Wood Green, The Animals Charity, they see the suffering that all kinds of animals go through. Some are starving, others are badly injured or sick. Some are even discarded like rubbish and left to die.

That’s why their 24-hour care is so essential, and why they work tirelessly to give every pet the expert attention they deserve. But they can’t do this without your help. Your love, support and donations are needed more than ever.

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World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection is a London-based charity that has regional hubs across the world. Founded in 1981, the ongoing focus of this animal charity is to help shape a “world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended”. The organisation works towards this vision through a number of campaigns and schemes such as spearheading petitions and microchipping captive animals to ensure that they are being monitored and thereby protected.


Recent successes include their 2013 campaign encouraging several retailers across the UK to cease stocking coffee which is manufactured from caged civets due to the abhorrent conditions that these animals endure. The organisation also offers an invaluable service to animals that have suffered as a result of natural disasters, providing them with emergency veterinary care and reuniting them with their owners where possible.

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) UK

WWF UK is the UK branch of one of the most recognisable animal charities in the world. Now in over 100 countries, the unified mission of WWF is to create a world where animals and human can live in harmony and thrive together. To fulfill this, WWF aims to help transform the future of endangered species, slow down the climate change process, and promote sustainable living.


Whilst WWF’s work addresses a range of issues to do with our environment and the planet’s wellbeing, it also focuses a considerable amount of its resource on contributing to the protection of different animal species. One such example of this is their work reconnecting over 40 floodplain lakes to the main stem of the Yangtze River to help re-facilitate the seasonal flows and allow for the migration of species like the finless porpoise between lakes and the river. The charity has also promised to help double the number of wild tigers by 2022, with these efforts helping to achieve the milestone of the number of tigers living in the wild now rising for the first time in conservation history.


Humane Society International/UK

HSI/UK  is part of Humane Society International, one of the largest and most effective animal protection organisations in the world.
We work tirelessly to end the suffering of all animals; from protecting magnificent African lions from the lethal hands of trophy hunters, to saving the smallest mammals from distressing deaths in inhumane rodent glue traps, to campaigning to end the dog and cat meat trade across Asia and much more!
Our effectiveness has led to life-changing laws and victories, alleviating the suffering of countless animals across the world.

Together for Animals

Together for Animals believe no animal should suffer from injury, disease, abuse or neglect. Together for Animals raises much-needed funds for its five-member charities. Animals contribute so much to our mental and physical wellbeing – by working together we are ensuring that they can enjoy happier, healthier lives. Help us save pets and working animals from disease, neglect and abuse.

Every cat, dog, donkey & horse helped is dependent upon donations from people like you who share our love of animals. Supporting Together for Animals is an easy and effective way of helping a variety of animals in need, making a difference to their lives, now and in the future.

together for animals

We hope that this list of animal charities has helped you get a wider understanding of some of the fantastic work that goes into ensuring a better future for all animals. If you’re concerned about the welfare of animals and are looking for a way to contribute to this worthy cause, donating to some of these animal charities is a fantastic place to start helping out.

At TheGivingMachine, we make giving to animal charities easier than ever before by helping you generate free cash donations. Simply join the website, shop as usual and we’ll convert the sales commission that we earn from retailers into a charitable donation for your cause. With thousands of brands to choose from, sign up today to start earning for the causes that you care about the most!