Our Fundraising Heroes

Here are a few of TheGivingMachine’s fundraising heroes. We are immensely grateful to them for their time, effort and generosity in supporting us. Below are a few stories of some of their achievements.

Nicola Chowings Thomas

8 years ago Nicola completed a 100k in a day on the very flat Thames path. Now she’s decided to up my game – At nearly 50 why wouldn’t she make it harder!! She is taking on the challenging 100k Jurassic Coast Ultra – this time over 2 days on 13th & 14th May 2023. Day 1 is 57k with a gruelling elevation of nearly 1700m – for context the highest point on Snowdon is 1085m. And that’s just day 1. She is raising money for us, TTPNetwork and Bridwell Gardens.

Rachel Jackson


TheGivingMachine’s Rachel took on the London Marathon in 2016 in support of TheGivingMachine, The British Heart Foundation and Alzheimer’s Research UK. The three causes mean an awful lot to her having lost her lovely father-in-law to heart disease and her father to Alzheimers.  Although a little scared at the prospect of running 26.2 miles, Rachel gave it her all and crossed the line with a smile on her face. Thank you Rachel for being a TGM hero.

Luisa Gatward


In April 2018 Luisa also took on the London Marathon to raise awareness of TheGivingMachine. We are extremely grateful to Luisa for not only managing to complete the hottest London Marathon on record, but also for allowing even more people to find out about TheGivingMachine. Luisa said she was extremely proud of having completed the London marathon – as we are of her.

Laura Hollis


TGM’s Laura took on the Henley 24 hour running challenge in June 2019 in support of TheGivingMachine and the Lymphoma Research Trust. Both causes are very close to her heart having lost her grandmother to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1997 and then her mum was diagnosed with the same disease in 2016.

Laura ran an impressive 80 miles over 24 hours and described the experience as fantastic, utterly exhausting and a one-off. Well done Laura!

Richard Morris


Richard, one of TheGivingMachine’s founders and CEO, will be taking part in the Firewalk this June. Richard said “I’m really keen to support the amazing work our team does to support others. Thank you to my friends and family for your support as always. Although I’m looking forward to the challenge and hopefully the successful achievement, I’ve tried not to think too much about the firewalk itself yet!”

Jonathan Chinsky


3 years ago Jonathan’s family went through a harrowing year whilst his dear Mum was undergoing intense treatment for breast cancer. After the 1 year treatment his Mum emerged cancer free and normal life resumed for the following 2 years. However, the disease has unfortunately returned.

Jonathan decided to sign up to TheGivingMachine Charity Firewalk and fundraise for TheGivingMachine as they raise valuable funds for so many worthy causes in addition to the cancer charities that are close to his heart. Good luck Jonathan!

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