All businesses want to engage more closely with their customers

Many also have strong ethical and social objectives. TheGivingMachineTM can help you with both. Our ShopAndGive model is simple: we enable shoppers to generate free donations for the causes they care about, whenever they shop online with you.

We want to help companies give something back – whether that’s to local communities, or to national or international charities. Our partners expand and deepen their CSR activities while creating strong bonds with their customers.

We provide a straightforward, user-friendly experience for both Shoppers and Retailers. Your customers choose which causes they want to support, and how to share out the donations they generate between them. And as a Retailer, you’ll have a secure interface that lets you clearly measure the progress you’re making.

When you start using ShopAndGive, you’ll quickly see the impact it can have both on your business and the wider world. Get in touch to find out more about how you could work with us.

 “Uniting businesses and consumers in support of social causes is critical at a time when living standards are getting worse and inequality is on the rise. TheGivingMachine is a prime example of how social enterprises are reshaping the economy for the better and how buying through them can take people’s spending power much further.”

Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK

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