Thorley Hill Primary School Testimonial


Posted on September 25th, 2018 by Rachel Jackson

Thorley Hill

We are absolutely delighted to be working alongside TheGivingMachine and have benefited greatly to date with 2673 Donations made, generating over £1,200 in extra funding.

Our school has been in a position to provide many exciting educational opportunities with the additional funding generated by TheGivingMachine.

We are currently creating a wonderful Science Garden for the children to manage and explore during the warmer months. During Creative Arts Week we were able to invite a travelling theatre into school to perform The Jungle Book. We have purchased microscopes and book box-sets for our Early Years children, together with a weekly educational children’s magazine/newspaper that is delivered to separate classes. We also have a brand new IT Suite and was able to fit a new air conditioning system.  Our main focus now is fundraising for new play equipment and seating areas on our playing field.

Our account is extremely healthy with TheGivingMachine and we plan to make it work even better amongst our Givers.  We are planning a competition to attract more Parents to sign up and will be raising more awareness via various initiatives on social media groups and at our events, such as cake sales, quiz nights, family discos and Summer/Christmas Fairs, together with a reminder in book bags by sharing a new flyer from TheGivingMachine.  

We are thrilled that the funds generated thus far have contributed greatly to our many additional improvements for the school, which has enhanced our children’s learning and environment in many positive ways.

Rod Dedman, PTA Chair, Thorley Hill

TheGivingMachine’s mission is to unlock as much free cash as possible for great causes all across the UK by converting sales commissions for online purchases into free donations for the schools, charities and community groups close to your heart.

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