The GivingLottery Lottery celebrates a Jackpot win of £25,000!


Posted on April 16th, 2021 by Luisa Gatward

The GivingLottery Lottery celebrates a Jackpot win of £25,000! Since launching over £40,000 has been won and almost £65,000 has been raised for good causes. 

The GivingLottery is an online sustainable fundraising solution provided by TheGivingMachine Charity with, believe it or not, no upfront costs. It’s designed to help not-for-profits to diversify their fundraising streams and enable year-round fundraising in a safe, fun and effective way. 

Buy a ‘chance’ and support good causes today by playing the lottery. There are over 200 registered causes to choose to help with your ticket purchase. The chosen cause receives 40% of the £1 ticket with an additional 20% going to support TheGivingMachine Charity to help support all good causes throughout the U.K. There are weekly cash prizes to be won up to the value of the £25,000 jackpot and with 50:1 odds of winning a prize you’ll find a bit of fun at the same time as knowing you’re really helping your local community. 

The Jackpot Winner Ms M said: 

I selected My Shining Star as it is a local charity very close to my heart as they have helped family over the last year. 

I think this was only the 2nd or 3rd week of me doing the lottery as the charity has only recently signed up to it. I play because during the pandemic they have lost a lot of their normal sponsorship methods so this was a way I could support them. 

I would 100% recommend others sign up, it’s £1 a week with the chance of winning £25,000, easy to sign up to and you are helping a local charity at the same time.

With the winnings we are hoping to go on a once in a lifetime trip to Disney Florida and to make some home improvements. Things we wouldn’t have been able do without winning the jackpot. I was in total shock at winning and never thought it could happen to me but it has for just £1 a week.

My Shining Star Children’s Charity said 

We were totally shocked that one of our supporters won the Jackpot amount of £25,000!!

We are so grateful to all our supporters for signing up and playing the lottery. We support families throughout the UK, that have been plunged into financial hardship following their child’s diagnosis of cancer. We help to pay priority bills and sometimes money for food so the family can eat. So when people sign up to our lottery it really does mean so much to the charity, and enables us to carry on doing what we do”.

To join as a good cause or play the lottery today go to  Good causes not only benefit from receiving 40% of the profits from ticket sales from their page they also receive a host of bespoke marketing materials and support as well as their own GivingLottery web page! Sign up at any time for FREE, it’s so easy to do – simply visit to register. 


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