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Posted on February 3rd, 2021 by Luisa Gatward

Switchcraft was founded to tackle the loyalty tax and to stop energy companies from over charging their customers. The first member they signed up saved a total of £987 in their first year, and since then Switchcraft has grown mainly through word of mouth, and are now signing up hundreds of users a month.

They have an auto switching technology in place to automatically move you to another great plan. Auto switching is the new way to set up your energy bills and ensure you stay on a good deal forever. Currently, over 50% of UK households are overpaying for their gas and electricity. Many households could save over £300 a year simply by switching energy suppliers, but often they do not realise how much they could save, or the switching process feels like too much effort. Auto switching is coming to the rescue, to save UK consumers millions of pounds.

The cheapest energy deals on the market are fixed 12 months tariffs. However, to make the most of these deals you have to switch every 12 months. Otherwise, when your contract ends, you get rolled onto a more expensive default rate. A typical household will overpay by over £20 for every month they spend on a standard variable tariff. This is referred to as the loyalty penalty and it is how many energy suppliers boost their profits. Auto switching lets you make the most of the cheapest, 12-month tariffs without the risk of paying the “loyalty penalty” when you forget to switch.

If you want to swap energy suppliers, searching for the cheapest energy provider, comparing offers and transferring your personal details is time-consuming. Switchcraft does the hard work for you by finding you great energy deals and taking care of the entire switching process, quickly and easily – and all for free.

Every time they change deals for you, they move all your details to the new supplier for you and set up your new Direct Debits. You don’t need to lift a finger.

Switchcraft believe that everyone deserves a fairer deal on energy, they offer a free auto switching service that continually scours the market for better energy deals. Sign up in 3 minutes, and after that, they will automatically swap you to a better deal each year.


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