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Posted on January 21st, 2020 by Nina Chinsky

We are extremely grateful to our supporters who choose to donate to us through the Giving Machine. As a small charity, we rely solely on fundraisers and donors to enable us to continue our vital work in improving the lives of people affected by PSC – and ultimately, finding a cure. Your donations are helping us make our vision a reality.
One of the most difficult aspects of living with PSC is the unpredictability and uncertainty of a complex, incurable disease. Donations from the Giving Machine have enabled us to:
  • run our dedicated PSC Support Helpline.
  • fund much-needed PSC research to help reduce uncertainty and work towards a cure.
  • develop a way of measuring the impact of PSC and potential treatments on quality of life for international use in clinical trials and hospital appointments through our UK-PSC Quality of Life measure.
  • fund a study to understand how the wellbeing of patients and families is affected by PSC, and confirm the best psychological interventions to improve wellbeing.
  • fund the development of the first virtual PSC clinics, so patients don’t have to travel long distances for routine appointments with PSC specialists.

On top of that, every day we are advocating to improve healthcare for PSC patients, not only in the UK but internationally through our membership and active participation in PSC and liver disease groups and PSC clinical guideline development.

Maxine Tapp, PSC Support


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