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Posted on January 11th, 2024 by Luisa Gatward

CBDfx UK contacted us to ask if we would be interested in reviewing some of their products and writing a review blog. As always, we were open to this.

It’s 2024 and so the chances are you will have heard about CBD and its benefits. The use of CBD has become increasingly popular due to its abilities to help with a variety of needs. CBD short for “cannabidiol” is a non-psychoactive compound produced by the hemp plant. CBD is well-known for its therapeutic effects. It is thought to have anti-inflammatory and mood-enhancing properties as well as helping to reduce anxiety.

CBDfx was founded in 2014 on the belief that everyone should have access to the remarkable benefits of CBD and they use this as their compass to create the purest and most effective products on the planet. And is if that wasn’t enough goodness for your soul, when you buy your CBD products from CBDfx you will be raising up to a 10% donation for good causes!

CBDfx UK sent us:

  • CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower 1500mg
  • CBD Gel Tablets 750-1500MG
  • CBD Bath Bombs 200mg


We shared these items out among the team to put them to the test and write a review. Here is what we found…

Luisa tested the CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower 1500mg. This is what she thought of this product.

“As someone who struggles on a regular basis to get a good night’s sleep, I was delighted to try something new to hopefully help me with my sleeping problems.

These gummies come in a jar of 60 gummies and the suggested amount to take is 2 gummies each time, so 30 servings. They recommend you take these gummies 30-60 minutes before you plan to go to sleep but I actually found that taking them 2 hours before I wanted to go to sleep worked better.

I tried these over a number of nights and after taking these, I did manage to get into a deep sleep and even if I woke up during the night, I found that I was still half asleep which really helped me to drift back off to sleep. In the morning, I was happy to wake up without feeling groggy which I have sometimes found with other  sleeping aids in the past.

I expected these gummies to be quite chewy but it actually only took a couple of chews as they dissolved in my mount as I chewed them so they were very easy to eat and didn’t get stuck in your teeth which I worried that they might.

The flavour is pleasant and not over powering and these gummies are vegan and gluten-free. If you have trouble sleeping, then I would definitely recommend giving these a go”


Michelle tested the CBD Bath Bomb. Here is her review of the product.

“As someone who has had cancer and gone through its grueling treatment, it’s safe to say that I do struggle with anxiety and having been put into the menopause at such a young age, my body certainly aches, and I often find it hard to shut off and sleep. So, when CBDfx approached us to review their 99% pure bath bomb, I jumped at the chance to be the perfect candidate.

I was sent the Eucalyptus “Recharge” CBD bath bomb, which is described on their website as “For days when you push yourself extra hard at the gym, it’s important to carve out a little time to rest, recharge, and rebound. Blending the natural properties of eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, and arnica with healthful CBD, this potent mix of natural ingredients will let you relax and recover without putting you flat on your back, so you can get back to full power as quickly as possible.” I’m no gym bunny, but my body certainly feels like it needs to rest and recharge, whether it would rebound was debatable. As a busy working Mum, I decided the best time to try this bath bomb out would be in the evening when all was peaceful indoors (a rarity) and I could really enjoy the benefits of CBD. Having never tried anything CBD related before; I was excited to see if I would feel any different.

The bath bomb itself comes packaged in a small box, which is a nice touch. There are full instructions on how to use it, and information such as the fact that it is vegan and cruelty free, contains no dyes that irritate your skin or stain your tub (always a winner!) and contains 200MG of 99% pure CBD. Upon removal of the bath bomb, I was greeted with a strong menthol smell, so I was unsure how I would feel about this and how relaxing this would be as I am more of a lavender bath kind of girl. As instructed, I ran a hot bath and popped the bath bomb in, giving it a swirl. I was greeted with bath water as green as Shrek and the scent certainly cleared the airways. It is recommended that you have a bath for 20-40 minutes to feel the benefits of the CBD, and so I decided to have a candlelit bath, with some relaxing music and a good book. I highly recommend doing this if you can, as I felt like I was able to shut off from the day and appreciate the bath bomb doing its thing. I got out after around 30 minutes, as I noticed that I was feeling very relaxed, refreshed and my usual achy legs were feeling better. I could feel the Eucalyptus and peppermint working on my muscles after, almost a slight tingling sensation. I cannot comment on if I felt it helped with my anxiety, as I have only used one bath bomb, but it certainly relaxed me, and I honestly had the best night’s sleep that I have had in a long time.

Would I use a CBD bath bomb again?

I felt that there was a benefit to using the bath bomb, I have tried other relaxing bath bombs (not CBD), and there is a noticeable difference in using the one with CBD. I would personally go with a different scent next time, but that is my personal preference, as I am just not overly keen on bathing in mint scents. I did, however, feel very refreshed and it has left me excited to try other CBD products.”


Louise tested the CBD Gel Tablets. Here is her thoughts on this product.

“I tried out these CBD Soft Gel Capsules, and within an hour of taking them, I experienced a sense of calm and relaxation without any intoxicating effects.  This gentle relaxation was particularly great for managing stress and promoting a more restful night’s sleep.  What I love about these is the no-fuss factor, no measuring, no aftertaste, they are perfect if you would like the benefits without the hassle.

The brand is very transparent, so you know you’re not taking any mystery pills which feels very safe.

Overall, these CBD Soft Gel Capsules are perfect if you are looking for a low-key way to mellow out and are an appealing option if you are seeking a straightforward and effective way to incorporate CBD into your wellness regime.”


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