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Posted on May 1st, 2018 by Rachel Jackson

“TheGivingMachine has been a tremendous asset to MEL. It’s a very clever, useful tool in fundraising, not least because it’s absolutely painless, once a donor sets it up. I suspect many donors like the idea of ’getting money back’, too. The range and diversity of your participating shops, businesses, helps, too, and I’m constantly surprised when I go onto an unfamiliar website and up pops TGM’s invitation to claim a percentage of what I’m hoping to spend.”

Caroline – Cause Rep for Malawi Education Link

Malawi Education Link, have benefited from £1,700 worth of free donations so far! Here are their tips on how they enroll supporters:

  • Include TGM’s details in our twice-yearly newsletters, especially prior to Christmas or some other festive time
  • Distribute the promotional materials on our Dashboard whenever I have the opportunity. This might be at our fundraisers, where I’ve left your cards on, for instance, quiz teams’ tables. Other potential outlets have been at charity events like Bring & Buy / Jumble sales
  • When we were still taking out teams from schools, I always include one of the TGM posters on the school display of what we’d been doing
  • Promote TGM when I’m asked to give presentations in schools, WI, Rotary et al. Again, the promotional materials come into their own, there, being colourful, eye-catching and memorable. Linking those with MEL fixes them in donors’ minds and I have a ‘captive audience’, anyway!
  • Promote that you are registered as a Cause with TGM on your website

TheGivingMachine’s mission is to unlock as much free cash as possible for great causes all across the UK by converting sales commissions for online purchases into free donations for the schools, charities and community groups close to your heart.

Join us to reap the benefits of our free giving family.


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