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Posted on March 4th, 2024 by Luisa Gatward

As a busy working Mum who often struggles to juggle the afterschool commitments with cooking meals and still managing to fit in the bedtime routine for the little one, I did not need to be asked twice if I would like to trial allplants freshly prepared ready meals.

So who are allplants and what do they offer?

allplants was founded by Jonathan Petrides, a foodie on a mission whose passion for the planet inspired him to make plant-based food a supremely delicious and positive choice for all.

allplants are a frozen vegan meal delivery service. All meals are made by in house chefs and balanced by a nutritionist. There are 80+ ready meals to choose from, from breakfast pots to treats and everything in between. And each meal is made to be good for you and the planet. Not to mention that each meal looks mouth-watering and contains at least two of your five-a-day.

What did I think of allplants?

Signing up and placing my order was seamless, the only difficult bit was deciding what dishes to go with as everything sounded so appealing. I went for a selection to give a fair review, and of course I had to try the dessert menu! You can choose your portion size with the meals, so for one person or two, and I would say that the portion sizes were quite small for me, and I should have gone with the two-person portion size. However they do sell side dishes, and I will be adding these to the cart next time. At checkout, you are asked to select a convenient delivery slot. This was a nice touch, as then I didn’t have to worry about my frozen food delivery coming at a time that I was not home. Delivery was fast, and soon the yummy meals had reached my door.

All your meals are stored in your freezer until it’s time to cook, so just ensure that you’ve made space for them. I really liked that all the packaging is recyclable, and there is plenty of nutritional information on there. You have the option of how you would like to cook your meals, oven or microwave, and I can honestly say that this was the first time I have eaten a ready meal and couldn’t tell that it was a ready meal. Every meal was flavorsome and tasted fresh. A particular favourite of mine was the Spanish Tomato and ‘Chorizo’ Fabada, I couldn’t tell that I wasn’t eating a meaty Spanish stew. My daughter really enjoyed the Protein Bolognaise, and my husband who is a real foodie and lover of meat dishes loved the curries, especially the Spicy Aubergine and Chickpea Jalfrezi. We also tried the Roasted Aubergine Parmigiana and the Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto, both of which tasted really good. On to the dessert, which for me was a real winner, the warm Sticky Banoffee Pudding was delicious. It is refined sugar free, and as someone with a terrible sweet tooth, and in desperate need to cut down on my sugar intake, this gave me the sweet craving I had needed, without the guilt. My only guilt is that I didn’t order more. I did also try a dessert pot, and the Carrot Cake Breakfast Pot was very enjoyable. I felt good starting my day knowing that I had eaten 10 plants to help feed my gut microbiome.

Overall, I think allplants is a great idea for someone who would like to try eating a Vegan diet, as you get to try lots of different and very tasty Vegan dishes which you might not have thought to try. It certainly makes you realise just how much of a variety of dishes and flavours you can have as a Vegan. It’s also great for my family, who are busy, and some nights just need a quick, but healthy dinner without all the cooking. And with meals starting from £5.75 it’s a cheaper and healthier alternative to reaching for the takeaway menu, but with the same restaurant standards. It’s a winner in our household.

allplants mission is to “inspire the planet to eat more plants” and on top of all the good that they are doing for the planet, allplants will also give up to a 2.5% donation to good causes when you shop via us.

Blog written by Michelle Logli.


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