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Posted on March 16th, 2020 by Nina Chinsky

The Hyperclub was established in 2012  as a self-funded group supporting many children with special needs. We expanded our services in 2015 to accommodate.
We are currently supporting over 70 people a week including adults and elderly people facing social exclusion due to health conditions or physical disabilities. We offer them transportation to our location, encouraging them to participate in group activities, building friendships and relationships in order to enable them to become more independent and confident enough to access other services in the local area. Unfortunately there are not enough other resources available so many of our service users attend our club three times a week. Our activities include cooking classes, prize bingo, board games, arts & crafts, table tennis, pool, we have several adult activities over four times a week and two children’s clubs in the evenings.
Our club runs all year without any closures in the holiday periods.  We accommodate school children during the holiday periods offering free school meals and activities. We also have a school clothing bank for parents with limited means.
Our club has now reached the stage where we are looking to relocate to a larger building so that we can accommodate more people experiencing social exclusion. With the support of funding we will be able to open on more days and put on additional activities so that they can become more confident and have a fulfilling lifestyle. We also collect the surplus food from several supermarkets which we bag and hand out to our local community.

Our club has achieved many great things that have benefitted the community for the last nine years. We have now been able to employ some of the children who came to us for support in 2012. They are now 16 years old and have been working within the employment system since leaving school. They are now able to make a great difference to other children facing similar issues and hurdles in life.

By being a good cause on TheGivingMachine, the funding that is generated will provide a brighter and more positive future for all those in need of support to become more independent and self sufficient.


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