Christmas Homemade Gift Ideas


Posted on November 9th, 2020 by Nina Chinsky

Homemade gifts take time and effort, but that’s what makes them so special. Of course, you can always buy a lovely gift for someone (make sure you shop via TGM if you do!) but, it’s the thought and love that goes into creating something by hand that money can’t buy.

We’ve compiled a list of homemade and inexpensive gifts to make at home. And remember, you can still shop via TheGivingMachine for the ingredients and craft materials, so your causes won’t miss out.

Christmas Cake

Christmas cake

Get your pinny on and bake traditional Christmas cakes (Nigella’s Christmas cake is a good one). You’ll need to start a few months early if you want to feed it with brandy (you can use tea if you don’t want the alcohol). Decorate with marzipan and fondant icing or top with nuts and wrap with a ribbon. Or why not try a non-traditional cake? This red currant and bundt cake looks particularly good!

Christmas Cookies

Christmas baking

Make and decorate Christmas biscuits and cookies in a range of festive shapes for the Christmas season. Decorate them with colourful icing and sprinkles or add ribbon and hang on the Christmas tree. This is a great activity for children to get involved in for some festive family fun. Give to friends and family as a delicious Christmas gift.

BBC Good Food has some delicious Christmas biscuit recipes
Christmas tree biscuits recipe

Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers

Create your own Christmas crackers with cardboard, wrapping paper, some ribbon to tie up the ends. Add small trinkets and jokes for a traditional feel.

Christmas Photos

Christmas photos

Create a photo collage using family photos to give to family members. Or why not print out family photos onto regular printing paper (not the proper photograph stuff) and use this to decoupage boxes or tins? Add a layer of PVA glue to protect the images.

Jar of Compliments

Christmas jar

Create a compliment jar for a loved one. Decorate a jar using acrylic paint pens and then fill with lots of paper notes full of positivity and compliments written for the recipient. A perfect pick-me-up!


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