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Posted on September 22nd, 2022 by Luisa Gatward

Horizn Studios is a luxury luggage brand who believe in a world without boundaries. Becoming a driving force for sustainable travel is a journey they have embarked on with great respect, and  want you to be able to travel as consciously as possible. They are happy to let you know that your luggage won’t just stand the test of time, but are made responsibly by using cruelty-free materials and recycled packaging.

We are delighted to have them as part of our giving community offering a generous 9% donation on all purchases. They are also working to create equal opportunities for those who often find themselves in hopeless circumstances. In 2020, they launched their social programme, Horizn Together, which in collaboration with the online learning platform, Kiron provides displaced and disadvantaged youth with access to free education.

We love working with Horizn Studios and feel their ethos really matches what we believe in so when Horizn Studios offered us the opportunity to review some of their luggage, we were delighted to find out if they really were as good as they looked.

Read our reviews to find out how Horizn Studios fared in our trials.

Rachel tested the H7 90L Check-In Suitcase. Here’s what she thought:

Everything about this suitcase screams luxury and quality. Don’t let the lightness of the box it arrives in fool you; the Horizn H7 is a very high-quality item.

When you open the box, you are greeted by a good quality dust bag, keeping your new suitcase clean and safe during transportation. The leaflet and warranty card not only come in a very smart black envelope, but the black envelope comes in its own clear plastic wallet.

The suitcase has a nice modern feel, with the rounded corners and fresh colour with contrasting black handles and wheels. The built in TSA lock is a lovely touch, no more hunting around for your suitcase lock the night before you fly! The inside of the suitcase also feels luxurious and spacious.

I was surprised by how light the suitcase is, but it is very sturdy and the wheels, the lock and the handles all feel very robust.

Over the last few years I have looked with envy at people with four wheels on their suitcase, gliding them along through the airport with ease and I have to say four wheels really are so much better than two! Even when fully loaded the suitcase is easy to move – it is a lovely piece of luggage and I am sure it will give me many happy years of service.”

Luisa tested the H5 35L Cabin Suitcase. Here’s what she thought:

I always think there is something special about luggage, I think it’s because you know you have exciting adventures ahead of you.

I was asked to review the Horizn Studios cabin size suitcase. When this arrived, I was surprised at how light the box was. With anticipation, I opened the box to find a beautiful grey suitcase inside a dust protector and my first thought was luxury. The dust protector is perfect for storing the suitcase in when not in use.

I took the suitcase out of the dust protector ready to put it through its paces. The first thing I noticed was how tough the suitcase is. This surprised me as it is so lightweight. I have since found out that the hard shell of the suitcase is made using their signature aerospace-grade polycarbonate and this is what makes it incredibly tough and resilient whilst keeping it lightweight, perfect for when you have a weight restriction! The next thing I noticed was the lock which is installed in the suitcase and keeps the suitcase secure using a combination lock. This is really useful and much more secure than using a padlock.

I packed for a 3-day weekend away and found that there was plenty of space for everything I needed. At a push I think I could use this case if I was going away for week. The zip up mesh screens on either side of the suitcase made packing and unpacking easier and kept everything secure and tidy during the journey.

The case was a delight to pull along.  It was so smooth and required very little effort, I just placed my hand on the handle to guide it rather then pull it. I like the handle quite low but there are different levels to position the handle to suit all heights.

Being eco-friendly also appeals to me. This suitcase is 100% vegan and made in a way that is 99% waste-free.

I am so in love with this gorgeous suitcase and look forward to using it often. Because it is so lightweight, it is great to use even if I am just going away overnight. “

Louise tested the Gion Backpack. Here’s what she thought:

The quality of Horizn Studios backpack is outstanding. The design is ergonomic, attractive and perfect for everyday use.

The dustbag and packaging when it arrived shows that it a high quality product and as this will get a lot of use then this will be great to store it.  The midnight-blue colour complements the sleek look of the bag. The straps fit and adjust comfortably and even after using for a few hours there was no evidence of discomfort, which I have often experienced with other backpacks. 

There is a surprising amount of space inside and so whether the primary use of the bag is for work or leisure, or both, there is ample room for a laptop and alongside personal items.  The inside pockets are great for storing essentials and the strap at the back is perfect for travel, as it also slips onto your luggage handle.  

The material is waterproof and provides the peace of the mind that on wet days your belongings are going to remain dry and intact.  We have used it on a day out and it was very comfortable on your shoulders and the adjustable straps make it very comfortable for a whole days use.

It’s a rare and great mix of stylish and durable – and in my opinion, worth the cost..  
Overall a 5* backpack, which I expect will remain in use for years.


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