Biscuiteers team up with Dogs Trust


Posted on September 12th, 2016 by Luisa Gatward

Biscuiteers team up with Dogs Trust to create a biscuit collection for dogs and dog lovers!

Biscuiteers team up with Dog Trust

Biscuiteers are celebrating their partnership with Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, by launching a brand new collection of biscuits for both dogs and dog lovers.

Biscuiteers and Dogs Trust, who care for 17,000 stray or abandoned dogs every year, have teamed up to create a special collection of delicious biscuits for dogs and dog lovers with a percentage of the sales donated to Dogs Trust charity.

The Biscuiteers and Dogs Trust collection, available to buy from from includes:

Biscuits from Biscuiteers

Dogs Trust Giant Biscuit Card: The Dogs Trust Giant Biscuit Card is inspired by three happily rehomed Dogs Trust dogs.  The biscuit card features Harley the loveable Great Dane, Molly the cuddly Spaniel and Jed the stylish Greyhound. The perfect gift for any pet lover out there, we’ve also included a personalised dog bowl for that extra special touch.  £20.00 with £1.50 from the sale price donated to Dogs Trust.

Digby from Biscuiteers

Digby Biscuit Card:  Meet delectable Digby, a little Terrier who is permanently cared for by Dogs Trust. Digby is yet to find his forever home so receives extra special care from his carers. He appears with his favourite treat, a classic dog bone. £9.00 with £1.00 from the sale price donated to Dogs Trust.

Best in show collection fro Biscuiteers

Best in Show collection:  If you want to show someone special that they’re top dog, to cheer up a friend who’s been in the doghouse, or just say thank-you to your dog-sitter, this is the tin for you. Our brand new Best In Show tin is packed full of furry friends, from a friendly bulldog, to a preened poodles and dotty Dalmatian, it’s the perfect way to tell any dog lover that you think they’re best in show! £2.50 from the sale price of this biscuit tin will be donated to Dogs Trust.

The Biscuit Collection for Pooches
The collection also features two gorgeous gifts for pooches everywhere.

Biscuits for dogs

Doggy Treats Tube:  Ultimate dog treats for the pampered pooch. Our hand-made dog biscuits are the perfect present for the well-behaved pup. Just choose your favourite flavour and we’ll get them in the post for delivery to your door.  These lovely hand illustrated tubes are sold by flavour and you can now choose from three of our doggy’s favourites: cheese and chive, beetroot and sundried tomato.  £6.95 with £1 from the sale price of each treats tube donated to Dogs Trust.

Treat for dogs from Biscuiteers

Days of the Week Doggy Treats:  Our biscuits have always been rather popular with man’s best friend.  So, we thought it was about time we came up with a lovely tin especially for pampered pooches. It comes with one big bone biscuit, on which we’ll ice the name of your lucky hound. Plus, there are seven little bags packed with ten mini bone biscuits in flavours like sundried tomato, beetroot, mint, rosemary, peanut butter… one for each day of the week! Every dog has its day, one might say. £35.00 with £3 from the sale price of this tin donated to Dogs Trust.

All Biscuiteers biscuits are handmade and iced by hand. Delivered in stylish, traditional square edged tins that have a life after biscuit, each collection is beautifully decorated according to its theme.

Biscuiteers, the celebrated hand-iced biscuit company, was founded in 2007 by Chief Biscuiteers Stevie Congdon and Harriet Hastings, husband and wife and co-directors of leading London catering company Lettice.

The Biscuiteers not only make biscuits but also hand-iced chocolates, cakes, hand-iced cupcakes and macarons.


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