Fundraising for Children's
charities & causes

Unicef, Great Ormond Street and Save the Children are just three of the many great children’s charities that we can raise donations for when you shop with TheGivingMachine. We support hundreds of Children’s charities ranging from world-recognised charities all the way through to small local foundations and even children’s orchestras. To find out how you can raise money online for these great children’s charities and causes, read on.
Fundraising for Children's

For representatives of children’s charities & causes

Are you looking for a way to fundraise, boost donations or support a children’s charity or cause? Fundraising for Children’s charities is easy. Maybe you represent a children’s charity and you’re trying to secure some additional funding? If you’re an ambassador for a good cause, then you’ve come to the right place. At TheGivingMachine, we make raising donations for children’s charities effortless.

TheGivingMachine is a simple and effective way to support children’s charities and causes, allowing you to take control of your fundraising. The best thing is that to register, it won’t cost you a penny, all you have to do is:

  • Make sure your Children’s charity or cause is registered with TheGivingMachine
  • Encourage users to support your cause when they shop online with any of our participating retailers (we have over 2,000 to choose from)
  • We’ll do the rest – making sure you receive payment for any donations made on your behalf

It really is that simple, however you can find out exactly how it works here.

We’re already helping some great children’s causes on their fundraising journey. Whether you need to raise some additional funding for research or you have supporters wanting to do more to help, after you’ve registered you can encourage your supporters to shop online with any of our 2,000 plus participating retailers and every time they make a purchase, they’ll generate a free donation for your disability cause.

For online shoppers

Do you shop online with retailers such as John Lewis, Amazon and eBay? If so, and you are not already using TheGivingMachine, you could be missing out on valuable donations to the causes that matter to you.

Why raise money for children’s charities & causes?

There are plenty of reasons that you may choose to support one of our many children’s charities or causes when shopping online. Perhaps you have a particular affiliation and would like to see donations go to a worthy cause? You may have friends or family that have been helped before? It may even be a cause local to you? What ever the reason, it is really simple to join TheGivingMachine and become a giving hero!

Register to support children’s charities and causes when shopping online

In order to get started, all you have to do is register as a giver with TheGivingMachine and choose the cause/s you wish to raise donations for. Our step by step process is really easy to follow. Once completed, every time you shop online with one of our retailers, they’ll make a donation to your chosen cause, which we will collect, organize and distribute to your cause. When logged in, you can track your donations and see how you’ve helped to make a difference. In the UK alone, we spend over £100 billion a year online, so let’s make a difference together!

Choosing a childrens charity or cause to support

If you are looking for a particular children’s cause or charity, use our helpful find a cause tool to make sure they’re registered with us. You can then select them as your chosen cause. If they are not yet registered with us, ask them to contact us and we’d be happy to get them set up in no time!

If you’re not sure on a specific cause, there are thousands to choose from, and they’d all love for you to support them. Browse our children’s causes and take your pick!

If you are still struggling, you may also choose to ask a friend or loved one. They often have a cause or charity that they chose to support and would welcome you to join them.

View our list of registered children’s causes using our find a cause page.

Ready to support your childrens cause or charity? Join today and become a giving hero Join

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