How to ... Update Your Cause Representative


Posted on May 3rd, 2021 by Rachel Jackson

We have thousands of causes on TheGivingMachine, managed by hard-working cause “representatives”. Causes rely on their representatives to get new Givers signed up and also remind those people who are already Givers to shop via us.

But what happens when a cause rep can no longer manage a cause? Here is our guide on how to update your cause’s representative, plus a few top-tips for those taking over the helm.

  • Who will manage the cause?

You’ve decided it is time to handover the reigns, but who to? Most cause representatives either work for the charity or organisation or are part of the school’s PTA. However, you may decide that one of your cause supporters would be a good choice to manage your TheGivingMachine account. Above all your cause representative should be enthusiastic about your cause and your TheGivingMachine account. Remember that this person will have access to the cause account page and the information contained in these pages, including bank details.

  • How much work is it?

A representative can spend as much or as little time as they want managing TheGivingMachine account, but the most successful representatives regularly remind and thank their Givers. There are lots of tools on TheGivingMachine website to help you promote your cause. Find promotional materials here.

  • Is there lots of admin?

The cause representative is our point of contact with the cause. If your cause has yet to add BACs details then we may ask for their help to update those documents.

  • How do you update a rep?
Updating Cause Rep

The step-by-step guide below shows you exactly how to update your cause representative.

  1. Log on to your cause account. Once logged on you will automatically go to your cause account page.
Cause account homepage

2. Click on ‘edit’ on the left of the cause account home page.

Edit button

3. You can then edit the name and  email address for your cause representative. You will not be able to edit the cause name. If you require your cause name to be  updated then please contact us.

edit details

4. To save the edited information, just scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘save’. When doing this, you can check whether we have BACs details for your cause. If these fields are empty then please supply the information required so that we can make donation payments to your cause.

BACs details

If you have any problems updating your cause account then please contact us.


Hi Linda, Thank you for your comment and please accept my apologies for the long delay in getting back to you. We had a website issue that meant we were unaware of comments left on our website. Please email if you wish to close your account and our customer services team will be able to help you out. Kind regards, Laura

Author: Laura Hollis | On: 2019-06-25 09:16:50

Would you please let me know how we would go about closing our cause. We are in the process of dissolving the PTA. I have asked the school if they wish to continue the cause and they can use the update your cause section if required. However, I couldn't find anything about closing the account. Thank you Linda Rance

Author: Linda Rance | On: 2018-06-22 11:59:40

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