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Posted on August 6th, 2021 by Luisa Gatward


At TheGivingMachine HQ, we all enjoy fuelling ourselves during office hours with delicious snacks. The problem is we don’t want to feel guilty about making unhealthy choices. If you’re like us then we have found the perfect solution for you…

Skinni Snax say “You are what you eat – What would you like to be?” Skinni Snax are all about healthy eating and making healthy choices with our snacks.

They offer tasty biscuit and chickpea snacks which are small balls full of big flavour. They are high in plant protein and fibre and low in fat. These snacks are great for the whole family and with a variety of flavours there is sure to be something for everyone, plus as they are packed with vitamins and minerals you know they are full of goodness. Being double baked ensures they are light and crunchy, perfect for when hunger strikes.

These chickpea and soya snacks offer an impressive nutrition profile with a low number of calories. The protein and fibre in chickpeas can help keep your appetite under control and slow digestion which helps promote fullness and healthy weight.

Skinni Snax were kind enough to send us some samples which did not last very long at all. The flavours for the Skinni Snax range are Smokey BBQ, Cheese and Onion and Thai Sweet Chilli. All were delicious but my favourite was the Thai Sweet Chilli, they were so morish that I’d eaten the bag before realising! They had a tasty heat to them so if you like a little spice then give these a go. We also tried the Ama Snax which come in 5 delicious flavours: Cheese and Onion, Thai Sweet Chilli, Chicken & Thyme, Taco & Thyme and Smokey BBQ. I was really keen to try the Taco & Thyme flavour as it seemed an unusual combination and I must say the flavour did not disappoint. They were really tasty and when trying all the flavours, I never once felt like I was choosing low calories over flavour, they just tasted like a really tasty snack so the fact that they were healthy was a bonus. I will definitely be buying these again and ensuring I always have a packet in my bag for when I feel a little peckish!

Here are some comments from the rest of the team:

“We really enjoyed the SkinniSnax as a family. They were really crunchy and the flavours were very good. The sizes of the packets are nice as often snacks come in very large bags (which can encourage you to eat too much). We would definitely recommend and have again.” Rachel

The perfect guilt free snack when I’m feeling hungry in-between meals or in the evening. Great flavour and crunch and looks and feels healthy. Also a good sized bag for sharing.” Louise


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