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Promote the new Donate Now and Daily Bonus Donation features to your supporters

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Promotional Bookmarks

Our promotional bookmarks can be purchased in packs of 150 from our ebay site. The bookmarks are free, we simply ask that the cost of postage and packaging is covered at £2.50 per pack.

Welcome to TheGivingMachine

Now you’ve joined you will want to promote the Eskdale Academy page to your supporters.

Our most successful causes regularly remind and thank their Givers for supporting them. We frequently add new materials to this section for you to share, so make sure you pop back every now and then to see what’s new.

Quick Start Guide
5 Easy Steps to Start Fundraising via TheGivingMachine

1. Try it yourself

Sign up to TheGivingMachine as a Giver and download the Shop&Give Reminder and/or the mobile app. You’ll find it much easier to recruit supporters if you already know how TheGivingMachine works. Sign up here

2. Set up your cause page

All causes have their own cause page on TheGivingMachine website. Personalise and share the page with your supporters so they know how to sign up, how to raise donations and how much you have raised so far. Find your page here

3. Recruit supporters

You’ll find a range of resources in this section to help you let your supporters know you are fundraising through TheGivingMachine and how they can sign up and shop via TheGivingMachine website, Shop&Give Reminder and mobile app. Why not start by sharing this blog letting your supporters know you’ve signed up.

All causes also have their own quick sign up code. Sharing your code is the quickest way for people to find you as a cause on TheGivingMachine. Your id is 266246

4. Keep on reminding

Keep asking your supporters to sign up as Givers and remind those that have already signed up to shop via TheGivingMachine to raise donations. You’ll find some useful resources and tools on TheGivingMachine to help you do this.

5. Talk to TheGivingMachine

Why not give TheGivingMachine a call? We are a friendly bunch and always happy to help with any queries or questions. You can email us to book a time for a chat or just give us a call. Our regular office hours are 9am to 3pm weekdays.

TheGivingMachine Mobile App & Shop&Give Reminder

The Shop&Give Reminder for desktop and mobile app are handy tools that help remind you to shop via TheGivingMachine.

Why promote them to your Givers?

Givers who install either the mobile app or Shop&Give Reminder on their desktop raise on average, 2.5 times more for their causes. Asking your Givers to install the app or reminder will help give your donations a boost. Don’t forget to download them too.

Find out more about both the Shop&Give Reminder and the mobile app.

Spread the word by copying the below text and posting to your social media pages.


Download the FREE Shop&Give Reminder to your desktop and raise even more for us. Whenever you search for shops and products online, you’ll see TheGivingMachine’s ‘giving’ heart next to participating retailers. Click these retailers and you’ll raise a free donation for Eskdale Academy when you make a purchase – it’s as simple as that! Find out more and download the reminder here

Never miss a donation again. The Shop&Give mobile app instantly connects you with millions of shops & free donations. The Shop&Give app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play


Raise even more for us with the Shop&Give Desktop Reminder. Whenever you search for shops & products online, you’ll see TheGivingMachine heart next to participating shops. Click these shops & you’ll raise a donation when you make a purchase! Download the reminder now

Never miss a donation again. The Shop&Give mobile app instantly connects you with millions of shops & free donations. The Shop&Give app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play

Social media images

Social Media

Social media is a quick and easy way to let your supporters know Eskdale Academy is raising funds via TheGivingMachine. Don’t forget to follow TheGivingMachine on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up to date with all the latest TheGivingMachine news and developments.

Copy the below posts and share on your social media pages.



Great news! We’ve joined TheGivingMachine – a site that lets you raise free donations for Eskdale Academy every time you shop online. Register to support Eskdale Academy and help us raise as much as possible.



We’ve joined @GivingMachineUK – generate free donations for us when you shop online. Please join in & share



Email Templates

Use these email templates to:

  • get supporters signed up to TheGivingMachine
  • remind givers to shop via TheGivingMachine
  • thank those that have supported you


We’ve also created a blog for you to share with your supporters that lets them know you have signed up to TheGivingMachine. You’ll find the ‘We’ve joined TheGivingMachine’ blog here

Did you know you can contact your Givers from your cause page?

Launch Email

Dear All,

We have exciting fundraising news.

You can now find Eskdale Academy on TheGivingMachine, a great fundraising site that lets you raise donations for Eskdale Academy whenever you shop online. It’s easy to use and doesn’t cost you (or us) a penny!

TheGivingMachine is a fundraising charity setup to help other charitable causes raise money online. By signing up and shopping online via TheGivingMachine you will generate a free cash donation for us. With over 2,200 of your favourite retailers, including Ebay, M&S, Tui, Sainsbury, John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners, you are bound to find what you need and generate a donation.

To start raising free donations go to
and join – it’s that easy.

To make sure you never miss a donation download the free Shop&Give mobile app and the free desktop reminder app

Plus, click the Daily Bonus Donation button to raise a free donation every day – no purchase necessary! Find out more here

Or donate directly to  Eskdale Academy via the Donate Now button on

Thank you for your support.


Remember to shop via TheGivingMachine whenever you shop online!

Just start at TheGivingMachine website, desktop reminder or mobile app whenever you go shopping and you’ll raise a free cash donation for Eskdale Academy.

Find us here:

It’s really simple, you click to your favourite shops from their website, desktop reminder or mobile app and a percentage of your shopping bill is converted into a cash donation for us, at no extra cost to you. With over 2,200 stores participating including ebay, M&S, John Lewis & Partners and Tui, you can really help make a difference.

Thank you

We would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who is using TheGivingMachine to shop online. Together we have raised £xxx just by shopping via TheGivingMachine and we have just received a payment of £xxx. Plus, it didn’t cost you, or us, a penny!

If you’ve not signed up yet, but would like to help us raise even more, just find Eskdale Academy on TheGivingMachine:

Remember to shop via TheGivingMachine whenever you shop online!


With Christmas a distant memory, you may be considering booking a summer holiday. Booking through TheGivingMachine will generate a substantial free cash donation. You’ll find all the big travel companies on TheGivingMachine website, including Expedia, and TUI.

Eskdale Academy on TheGivingMachine:


Whether you are going away or staying home, don’t forget to shop online via to generate a free cash donation for Eskdale Academy with every purchase. There are over 2,200 shops participating, so if your wardrobe needs updating, your telephone needs upgrading or you have DIY plans for your home or garden, remember to raise a FREE donation for us.

Eskdale Academy on TheGivingMachine:


Remember, when you are buying Christmas presents online you can generate a free cash donation for us just by clicking via You’ll find over 2,200 of the most popular stores, so it’s easy for you to make a difference without it costing you a penny more than the normal purchase price of your item.

Eskdale Academy on TheGivingMachine:

Website Banners

Adding links to your cause page onTheGivingMachine from your own website is a great way to let your supporters know you are fundraising via us. Don’t forget to link your banners  to

Static 728×90 banner


Copy the below code and add to your website:

<p><a title=”TheGivingMachine” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><img src=”” alt=”banner” width=”728″ height=”90″ /></a></p>

Promoting your TheGivingMachine Account

Introduce your TheGivingMachine account to your supporters by putting up a poster, handing out flyers at events or popping reminder cards in book bags.



Our flyers are available to download and print or can be purchased in packs of 125 from our ebay site. The flyers are free, we simply ask that the cost of postage and packaging is covered at £3 per pack.


Our promotional bookmarks can be purchased in packs of 150 from our ebay site. The bookmarks are free, we simply ask that the cost of postage and packaging is covered at £2.50 per pack.

Reminder Cards

Download these reminder cards and print at home. The cards have a space to add your cause name and quick sign-up code.

Seasonal Campaigns

Find a range of seasonal promotional materials to share with your supporters, including social media posts and posters for Christmas, summer sales, Easter and Black Friday.

Christmas Images

Shop&Give this Christmas

Shop&Give this Christmas

PowerPoint Presentation

Download and update this PowerPoint presentation with your cause name and Quick Start id 266246. It’s a great way to show your supporters how they can help you by shopping via TheGivingMachine.

Outdoor Banner Template

Keen to promote your TheGivingMachine account outside your cause headquarters? We’ve created a banner template for you to use. Simply visit VistaPrint via TheGivingMachine to order your banner. You’ll need to download the below image and upload it on the VistaPrint page. The below design is for a horizontal 76cm x 122cm outdoor banner. Visit Vistaprint

Outdoor banner

TheGivingMachine Logos

A selection of  TheGivingMachine logos for you to download and add to your website, promotional materials and emails.


The GivingLottery is an exciting fundraising lottery scheme from award-winning charity TheGivingMachine. It’s free to join and is an easy, secure way for schools, charities and community groups to raise vital funds. Players have the chance to win £25,000 while supporting causes that matter to them from just £1 a week.

If you have already signed up then you will find lots of creatives to promote your lottery fund on your GivingLottery dashboard. We’ve also created a few for you below.