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Shrewsbury Music Therapy Unit Trust Fund was set up in 1989 becoming a registered charity in 1990 in order to financially support the work of Shrewsbury Music Therapy Unit set up in 1988. The purpose is to give children and adults with special needs, living in Shropshire & Border Counties, the opportunity to benefit from Music Therapy in the absence of NHS, Social Services or Education provision in this part of the country. Shrewsbury Music Therapy Unit receives no authority funding and relies entirely upon fundraising, donations and gift aid. The Unit is headed by an HPC Registered Music Therapist who did her Postgraduate training at Nordoff- Robbins Music Therapy Centre, London, and subsequently worked for Greenwich Health Authority. Shrewsbury Music Therapy Unit generally caters for children and adults with learning &/or physical disabilities, or communication difficulties, often with associated emotional and behavioural issues. The aims are to make direct contact with the emotions of children and adults referred to the Unit, through the clinical use of music, and thereby develop an interactive relationship enabling clients to resolve inner tensions and hence be more able to realise their potential. As well as addressing emotional needs and patterns of behaviour, the therapist aims to develop communication skills, perceptual and cognitive development and fine/gross motor skills. Music Therapy can be the key to unlocking channels of communication. Money raised for Shrewsbury Music Therapy Unit Trust Fund provides : 1)Suitable rooms from which Music Therapy sessions can effectively take place. 2)Provides professional quality musical instruments and their repair or replacement. 3) By covering the above overheads, this enables the cost of sessions to clients to be kept below the rate recommended by the British Association of Music Therapy. 4)The Trust Fund covers the cost of the time the therapist spends in writing up session notes and giving feed back to carers and parents immediately after each session. 5) Where clients or their families have financial difficulties, the trust fund further subsidises the cost of the sessions and covers the therapist's costs in providing annual written reports. 6)The Trust Fund covers the costs of public liability and malpractice insurance for the volunteer music therapy assistants. 7)The Trust Fund covers the cost of CRB checks for all staff. 8) The Trust Fund covers the insurance of all musical equipment. 9) The Trust Fund covers the PAT testing of all electrical equipment.

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