Quick Start Guide

Quick Start for Causes

Signing your Cause up with TheGivingMachine is a great start. Our 4-step quick-start guide will help you complete your cause setup and ensure you get your first supporters registered and raising funds for you on TheGivingMachine.

For representatives willing to dedicate around 15 minutes a week promoting their cause, then TheGivingMachine is a great way to raise extra funds. TheGivingMachine has many causes just like yours raising between £500 to £1,000 a year.

Your 4 easy steps to a great start

Every month we make cause donation payments by BACs to all causes with a balance of £15+. To set up your payment details please email us a copy of your Cause’s paying-in slip (or cancelled Cheque) and headed paper to bacsdetails@thegivingmachine.co.uk

Paying in slip
Headed notepaper example

Before your Cause is fully setup, we have to do a few checks.  Once we’ve completed these, we’ll send your Welcome Email with the following important information:

  • The link to your new fundraising page on TheGivingMachine
  • The link to your customised promotional materials
Welcome email

Your fundraising page on TheGivingMachine.

You can find the link in your Welcome Email or by searching for your cause on our website.

Share this link via email and social media to enable supporters to sign up quickly and start raising free donations for you.

Cause Fundraising Page

Your Cause Dashboard

When you login as a cause, you’ll be taken to your Cause Dashboard.

You can see who your Givers are, an overview of all your donations and payments, edit your account details and even email your Givers.

There are quick and easy links to get promotional materials as well as more detailed reports if you want them.

Cause Dashboard

Your personalised Promotional Materials Page

You now have a personalised promotional materials page.  Just look for the link on your main fundraising page.

You’ll be able to download:

  • banners for emails and your website
  • template emails to sign up supporters as well as thank existing ones when the donations start flowing
  • Facebook and Twitter images along with suggested posts
  • and much more…
Book marks
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Join as a Giver to Support Your Cause

Join as a Giver and start using TheGivingMachine straight away to familiarise yourself with our website and technology. You will then be able to answer questions from your supporters, making it easier to encourage them to sign up too.

Even if you are buying office materials for your cause, remember to buy through TheGivingMachine to get those free donations flowing.

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Download our Shop&Give Reminder on your PC or Mac

Shop&Give Reminder exampleShop&Give Reminder is a simple plug-in for your web browser. Once installed a pop-up reminder comes up when you are visiting a shop that is partnered with TheGivingMachine.

Also when browsing on Google or Bing, you will find TheGivingMachine logo above participating shops.

This simple download significantly increases the donations you and your cause’s supporters will raise.

Shop&Give Reminder example

TGM Logo

Start Promoting Your Cause Now

Hero twitter

Look for the Promotional Materials link on your fundraising page and you can share the great news to encourage supporters to easily sign up straight away.  This is just one example of a facebook post you can use.

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Don’t Forget Your Colleagues !

Some of our best performing causes are ones who have staff in their organisation, trustees, governors and advisors all supporting their causes via TheGivingMachine.

Office Supplies

Paper, printer supplies, office furniture, books and general office supplies can generate a significant donation income – don’t miss out! Just circulate your fundraising page link via email and ask people to sign up for free.